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In the future
I usually want to be left alone
"That's not true! You're not like that!"
Ahhhhhhhhhhh my brain [crash and explode sound effects]
"There goes your self image!"
If you think you have a total grasp on yourself
You're not reflecting hard enough
Impossible to know your full potential
or your full reverse potential, shadow
consider my capacity
for denial my
proclivity for self-delusion
I don't know what you think
How you see - I won't pretend
I command: Make your life!
And warn: Then your life will make you.

Standing now, I know familiarity
"Let go of what you are that you may become what you can be"
The text tells you
Three tomorrows
Yes Yes Yes
Our Bodies flitting thru time
Abandoned in place
Rate of passage, speed read, slow down
We become more effective
at getting nothing done

The physical world! The skyline's
depth and vivd detail seen
printed on a page held
in your hands
scanned on your screen with dopamine
serotonin surge
Reward! reward! reward!

one more page
better, one more like
what was I saying again?
ah yes, your insignificance nullified
you are valid!
they like you!
forget the soul to soul visceral mind to page
to mind, heart to heart
screen feels good, do it again

i step into VR
acid trip out on the cartoon pattern
draw a table with glowing lines in three dimensions
needing a rest, i sketch a chair, take a
seat and
fall to the floor
where is
my 3d printer?

Through one eye accessible, anarchist utopia
fuck top down this is bottom up
the spirit of rotation wikileaked
power is temporary
and shifting
web based and decentralized
we see the problem more clearly and
organize socialize equalize
politicalize economize sexualize racialize
this is not revolution it is evolution
wake up plug in
get with the program
we get better
world gets better

through the other eye
spy discord disharmony destruction
separation more news more blood
the ice melts the water rises gives more
death disease; everywhere exploitation
starvation except here we
get fat
still not enough
i am right and you are wrong
i always win
you lose
water wars, cops kill kids, politicians are
new reality stars, innocents dying
i hear it
more and more it's worse than before
and unimaginable, freely
surrender privacy, our identities, our
data stolen sold across the globe
we fuck robots books were power and now followers
are worth more than all the smarts
you're hip to it, no escape
so refresh, refresh, refresh

remember the Sufi says the whole
universe is a phenomenon of desire
and each age fantasizes about being the
we stand on the verge of a world
unknowable; change exponential reflects
our wants our needs
nothing is falling apart but is falling
together, hold truth spread love
Our consciousness merges in the cloud
Upload alone, download together
together is better
better is coming
better is here
me you we us